The Rules and Instructions

The 2018 regular season will start Thursday, September 6th. All pool members will need to fund their entry fee on or before Wednesday, Sept. 7th and get registered for the site. This years entry fee will be 150 clams. As always before we start the pool this year, we would like your feedback on the rules. Please review and submit feedback via email before the "rules deadline", Saturday September 3rd.


The rules for this pool have been created to provide the players a controlled and comfortable experience. After the rules have been approved for the year, the rules are strictly enforced with no room for negotiation, this is not a committee. All disputes are settled by the Grid Iron Administrators. By all players adhering to the same set of rules, all players should have no reason to question the integrity of the player's picks, or their honesty . The rules were established to eliminate loopholes, establish consistency and keep out Wimps and Whiners . Please read the rules completely and enjoy ! !

Gridiron Administrators

The Gridiron Administrator for 2018 is the Jeffster and Amazon. The GI Admins can be reached at the E-mail addresses (Note: the underscore between gridiron and pool) or Pick confirmations will come to us automatically by the website, so send pick confirmations ONLY when instructed to do so from e-mail or when special instructions appear on the GI homepage. In the event of issues, email picks confirmation to all of the above addresses when instructed to do so from the Gridiron 2016 website or call: cell 818-577-5375 (Jeffster) - Cell 310-227-5761 (Michelle) . Only call these numbers in emergency situations. Late picks do not constitute emergencies.

Gridiron Pool website will conta n instructions for what to do in the event of any issues with the picks. The web site can be found at Additionally, please provide the GI Administrator your contact information so that in the event of an outage, we can contact you. You will be responsible for
providing us your correct e-mail address and phone contact information.

About the Pool

The Pool begins Thursday, September 6th and is based on regular season play only. Players are to submit picks before the weekly pick deadlines. Players are to pick the winners of each game, each week. Picks are not based on point spreads. Ties count for ties (and really boring games--bring the college overtime to the NFL, please.) Just pick the winners each week... All player's picks are entered into the system and posted to the web page each week (Picks Summary Page). There is also a Totals Page that accumulates the players totals throughout the season. These two pages seem to be helpful. Rewards for winning the pool and weekly winners
provide for maximum enjoyment. The pool does not include any post season. Players are to pick the winners of each game, each week. All players who agree to the rules and decide to participate will need to donate the pool with 150 clams. On Sept. 3rd, the rules will be finalized.

Regular Season Pool Rewards

Each player will donate 150 clams at the beginning of the regular season. This applies to all scenarios. Actual totals will be based on the number of people in the pool. The pool will have 1st- > 5th place winners at the end, with weekly winners (and rollovers). Here is the breakdown of the Rewards--- based on a 21 player scenario in a 17 week NFL schedule (although last years cost was $125). The one at the end of the regular season with the highest # games picked correctly gets first place and goes down in the history books as this year's champion. Below is based on the 2014 season:

Place = 650 Place =  450 Place =300 Place=150 Place=?

Shaman Award

Special Inaugural Award for a Perfect Week  -  After nine years, Rockin Shaman went 14-0 granting him the honor of this prestigious award (November 8th 2005)

There is a Special Award that will be given to any player who goes undefeated for one week during the regular season.  No player had ever received this inaugural award since the Gridiron Pool was created in 1997.  The first player to have an undefeated week during the regular season (Rockin Shaman) will have this award named after them.  A special dispensation of Clams will be awarded to eligible players at the discretion of the Pool Administrators, and will be funded with available pool funds.  This was repeated in 2009 when Committee won the Shaman Award. Good Luck....

This Award has now become legendary.

Weekly Pool Rewards

In addition to the entire regular season pool, the Gridiron 2016 Pool also has a weekly payout. Weekly Rewards will be given out in full at the end of the season and are 50 clams per week (estimated) based on the following:

1) One outright winner for the week.
2) Two players who tie for the week.

This weekly winner amount goes up by 50 clams every week that there is a tie of three or more players (during any given week).  The weekly rollover will continue until there are outright winners for that particular week. This format can allow for one/two players lower in the rankings to reap great rewards after several weeks of winnings have accumulated. It makes those normally boring Sunday night and Monday night football games more interesting when those who are willing to go against the grain and take a risk. For example, where everyone normally would have picked the Rams over Arizona, players with nothing to lose (and $$$ to gain), may be willing to take that extra risk. This actually has benefits to the players who are higher up for the season pool, as the lower ones who take risk normally just dig themselves deeper into oblivion. Note: players playing more than one spot that tie each other will be still considered a tie for the week.

Penalties, Late Picks and Unexpected Schedule Changes

All of the time needed to publish the picks to the GridIron internet site leaves us no alternative but to impose some pretty strict guidelines. Players enjoy seeing their picks on-line before the games. This leads to more excitement before the first kickoff of the week. Believe us, we do not enjoy imposing penalties. We appreciate your understanding. Additionally, we would like all players to feel comfortable that they are rewarded for getting their picks in on time. This reward manifests itself when you get to witness what happens to those of you who forget. We will be keeping a "slacker hall of shame" for those who "forget" to pick on time .

Unexpected changes to the NFL schedule.  (Natural disaster, War time, Civil unrest, Broadcasting conflicts, etc.) In certain situations the NFL schedule may change, which could effect pool members getting their picks posted by the posted deadline.  If this occurs pool players will not be penalized any additional games for late picks on these games. Courtesy notifications will be sent by the Gridiron Administration to alert pool members of any schedule change that is known.   However, if a pick for any given game is late, you would obviously not win that particular game.

Excuses. My DSL was down, MCI dial-up was down is believable, but don't count on using this as an excuse. If your ISP is questionable, we have provided pick sheets weeks in advance, so you can submit for future weeks early. Only one entry per week, so make sure the picks are correct before submitting them. No "OOPS" picks. Get those picks in early to minimize ISP difficulties (user errors) or those dreaded "error reading drive C:" messages. Picks are due 4 hours prior to each game. No exceptions !!!. Thursday games picks are due 4 hours prior to each game, and Saturday games picks are due 4 hours prior to each game.

Summary of Pick deadlines

NEW FOR 2012 !!!  All scenarios have the same submission deadline before the games, so check the NFL schedules far in advance to avoid penalties. Pick sheets will be time stamped this year (With Eastern Standard time) to avoid possible confusion. NOTE: This does NOT include Monday games.  Picks for Monday games are due with your Sunday game picks !!!

Day of Game(s) Day pick(s) are due Deadline - Time Picks are due Penalty for missing deadline
All Prior to
1st weekly game. (gametime)
Prior to
1st weekly game. (gametime)
losses = # early games missed +1 .
(Minimum for the week)
(weekly lock date - 6:00 AM PT)
4 Hours before
1st Sundayy game. (gametime)
4 Hours before
kickoff of 1st Sunday game. (gametime)
1 win less then the worst
players score for the week.

For weeks with Sat. games, all picks are due 4 hours prior to the start of the 1st weekly game. For weeks with Thursday night games, all picks are due prior to the start of that game. If you fail to get your picks in for any game, the penalty is figured out accordingly. (Losses = # early games missed + 1 game penalty ). For example if there are two games on Thurs. and those two picks are not in 4 hours prior to the start of the game, then you get a minimum of three losses for the week. (2 scheduled Thurs. games + 1 penalty loss = 3 losses).

Please do not miss the picks deadline before the 1st weekly game. This deadline was changed again in 2013 to make it easier for the players, to accommodate the new software, and for administration of the pool picks.  The picks will typically be posted prior to the start of the early Sunday games.  Again, they will usually be posted before the morning of the games. Picks can be entered by admins manually as long as the entry dates/times follow the rules stated above (received from email, text or voicemail) And they must come with a the time stamp is acceptable (this will become more unlikely due the automation to the system and multiple reminders sent to players. Late or missing picks will result in a 1 win less then the worst player score for that week.

*Note: Weekly pool tallies will be posted automatically by the system. The posting times below are estimates and are not written in stone. There may be unavoidable issues that come up for the administrators. The rule of thumb will be:

  • Thursdays - 2 hours after the last game
  •  Saturday games, Sunday morning and afternoon Games (Sunday between 10am-1pm) by Sunday at 5pm
  •  Sunday evening games, Monday Night games – Monday 2 hours after game

New rule from 2007:

If you do not get your Sunday/Monday Picks in on time (Sat. night at 7:00 p.m., you will only get five wins maximum for the entire week.  However, if another Poolmeister has 5 wins or less, you will receive one less win than that player (player with the lowest amount of wins in that week).

If any player (who does pick on time) receives 5 wins or less, the player(s) being penalized would receive 1 less win than the record of the worst pool member. In other words, (4 wins by one player would give the forgetful ones 3 wins, etc.) Note: Over the years some weeks can provide a lot of upsets and a player that did not make their picks could gain on someone else under the existing rules. OR If a pool member who picks on time sucks wind (a.k.a takes a dive) in a given week (3 wins) it would be better for that player NOT to submit their picks that week under the current rules. This new rule would not apply to Thursday or Saturday games, they would still be credited if won.

Now in reality this new rule would seldom be used, however we want to cover all scenarios (like the 2006 season). Over the 14 years of the pool, certain adjustments have been made to cover unexpected situations. Hurricane Katrina is a good example. So after the Katrina situation, a new rule was implemented to cover the NFL making unannounced schedule changes, natural disasters, etc.

If you fail to pick a particular game, but have picked all of the other games, you will be imposed a penalty according to the following criteria: One game loss penalty for the # of games that are missed PLUS an additional loss. For example if you get all of your picks in, but forget to pick two games, you will get a three game loss penalty. The two games that you forgot to pick will be counted as losses + one additional loss penalty.

Any of these situations makes you "a loser".  Please pay close attention to the season schedule.

Ties at the end of the regular season

If there are to ties at the end of the season the players who tied get to decide how to split the clams. There are possibilities for individual winners to "take it to the playoffs" in the case of a regular 17 week season tie. This is to be worked out by the individual winners, and does not include the Gridiron Administration. In the event the players cannot decide, the total clams of the two (or three or four) players that tied will be split equally.

Playoff Mini-Pool Rules

All players are to input a 25 clam deposit before they are considered to be a part of the play-off pool. Payoffs based on 20 members: Winner takes $300 - Second takes $150 - Third place takes $50. The deadline for clam submission is Friday January 8th 2015. Payment is due to Jeffster, sorry, no credit. Please e-mail us at with your interest, and get your payment to Jeffster.

Confidence Points System -

Due to the limited number of games, picking the outright winners of the games will not be used during the play-offs. We will be using confidence points to determine the pool winners. Confidence points are decided by placing the highest number next to the game that you are the most confident about winning. Each weekend will have a separate amount of confidence points available for that weekend. Games winners are determined if you choose the game properly against the Vegas Point Spread.

Wildcard weekend --

The first week of the play-offs (Week18) has 4 games total. There are a total of 10 possible confidence points available for the Wildcard weekend. Each game gets weighted from one to four confidence points. If you are the most confident in a game, then place the 4 points next to that Team. The game that you are next most confident in should then get the 3 points. The next game should get two points. You should then assign the game that you are the least confident in with only 1 point.

You must win the game according to the point spread. Again, game winners must be against the point spread. The total points possible for week 1 of the play-offs will then be 10 points for a perfect score. Zero points for the worst possible score. Points are only given out the you if you win the game against the spread. No duplicate points will be accepted please. Confidence points are only collected when you pick the winner - so don't miss your highest weighted games, or you will be out of the running quickly. Each of the first two weekends will be treated separately and worth 10 points per weekend.

Ties on point spreads -Ties to the point spread would be a push. The administration will assign a 1/2 point to compensate for the even spread. Favorites are picked each week out of the USATODAY Las Vegas Odds page on Tuesday night before the games.

Divisional Play-off Weekend--

The first week will be worth 10 total points and the second weekend will start over with the 4,3,2,1 confidence points being assigned all over again. This Weekend is exactly the same as the first Wildcard weekend. Pick winners against the spread to receive confidence points.

AFC/NFC Championship weekend --

The AFC and NFC Championship weekend, two championship games are both worth more and also need to be decided by the point spread, the most confident of your games will be assigned 6 points and the second game will be assigned 4 points respectively. Here is an example. This example involves the Steelers who are playing the Raiders for the AFC Championship, and the Steelers are Favored by 6 1/2 points. If you select the Raiders, then, as long as the Steelers do not win by 7 points, you are the winner of the confidence points. If the Steelers win by more than the 7 points (and remember that you picked the Raiders), then you do not get the confidence points for that particular game.

The SuperBowl --

The Superbowl will be worth 8 points. If the Titans are favored by 6 1/2 and you select the Titans to win, in order to get the 8 confidence points, the Titans must win by at least 7 points.

The Winner -

The winner of the pool is judged by adding up all of the confidence points for the entire play-offs together and then adding up the points. The one with the most points WINS !! A total of 38 points is a perfect record.

Rewards: The total rewards will be based on the amount of players in the playoff pool. 1st and 2nd & third place will be awarded the clams. 60% for 1st place, 30% for 2nd, & 10% for third.

Tiebreakers -

Tiebreakers in the event of a tie after the SuperBowl. In the event of a tie at the end of the play-offs (all confidence points totaled up for all of the play-off games combined), the tie breaker will be based on the total points for the superbowl. We will ask for your point total guess to be entered on the picksheet before the Superbowl. The tie breaker will be the person who is closest to the total number of points scored in the superbowl (over or under). If there still is a tie, the winners will split the pot..

Pick deadline - The picks are due by Friday at 7:00 PM PST. If there are problems with the web site - call 818-577-5375 or 310-227-5761 for technical difficulties. Late Picks - Late picks result in no confidence points being collected for that week's game(s).

Important items: Please print this page out so that in the event of a catastrophe, you will have this rules summary and Gridiron Administration contact information (e-mail addresses and phone numbers).

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